Gather Your Community to Make More Merry This Holiday Season

Ask any five-year-old and they’ll tell you the true meaning of the holidays: it’s all about giving.  And as it turns out, those acts of holiday kindness aren’t just good for the receiver, there’s compelling evidence that it hard wires our brain system for joy, especially when you give as a community.  Numerous studies have provided irrefutable evidence that giving to a cause together leads to a surge of oxytocin, that “feel good” neurochemical that bolsters emotional health, and even leads to feelings of euphoria.  With so many causes worth our support, we put some extra thought into what aligns with our values this year.

Little else is more important to an individual or community than education.  So, when we discovered that two-fifths of the 250 million children worldwide who cannot read or write live in India we felt deeply compelled to get involved.  With the help of Evite we’ve teamed up with Pratham USA, an incredible organization that provides a path to education for millions of children in India.  With each donation we can collectively lift a child out of poverty and transform their community.   

By inviting our community to give through Evite’s Make More Merry campaign, we made the spirit of giving front and centre in our Holidays – it’s simple to pick a charity that moves you to contribute as a group.  Mobilize your friends and family to create an immediate impact – whether you want to give your party a purpose or make a special occasion more meaningful, make donations to Pratham, who advocate for quality education for India’s children. Evite’s Make More Merry campaign highlights several other organizations doing good this year, it’s a great way to include a charitable intention to your special event, while providing help to those in need. 


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