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In the 60-75 minute Chi Kids group experience, kids discover how to use the technology of mindfulness, brain science and positive psychology to create strong, flexible bodies and minds. The play-based teaching will give your child the tools to clear away stress, turn distraction into focused awareness, and strengthen their optimistic mind.

Chi Kids Teachers guide children through an uplifting balance of tools:

  • imagination activities for empowerment
  • mindful meditation for holistic balance
  • play-based yoga for strength
  • brain science games for clarity
  • drama and re-enactment for self-confidence
  • optimism stories for inspiration
  • gratitude practice for happiness

and many other science-based tools for an empowered, resilient life.

Chi Kids classes are joy-filled, setting your child’s neural pathways to heighten well-being.

While some teachers offer drop-in options, we highly encourage our 10-week class package to benefit from consistency of practice, teacher connection and Chi Kid connection.

We also offer Chi Kids private classes for children who prefer an individualized experience.