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Chi School is a holistic practice for healthy, expansive living — empowering youth and parents to optimize their highest potential. Chi Kids Teacher and Parent Training levels I & II are two full, transformative days of learning Chi tools to shape the lives of children in awe-inspiring ways.

This simple, play-based teaching will lend you the system that helps children turn stress and distraction into calming practises and constructive thoughts. 

In both 1:1 and group formats, Chi Kids Teachers guide children towards thinking constructively, setting neural pathways toward well-being. The outcomes are nothing less than amazing–Chi Kids are more calm, focused, kind and confident.

Become a Chi Kids teacher, and help ensure that all children are given the gift of happiness and emotional resilience for life.  Now more than ever, it’s time to actively ENGAGE our children with tools for empowerment, tolerance and peace.

JOIN US FOR THE ADVENTURE Chi Kids Teacher Training will take your work with children to new depths of creativity, purpose and unshakable empowerment – a life changing experience.  

WHAT CAN CHI TRAINING DO FOR YOU? This immersive training program has transformed the paths of hundreds of parents and professionals, and we’d love to work with you too.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CHI KIDS TEACHER TRAINING... Wonder what it's like to be at Chi Kids Teacher Training?


  • Early Morning | Learn to teach the technology of mindfulness.
  • Post-mindfulness | Discover the powerful impact of play-based health practices for child development. You’ll learn progressive relaxation, yoga, and breathing exercises – lending children mental and physical resilience, and joy.
  • Morning Session | Michele Kambolis breaks down the research and theory behind the Chi Kids teachings, and the ways you can integrate them into your work with children.
  • Community Hour | You’ll have plenty of time to play, share your gifts, and commune with an incredible cohort of change-makers.
  • Afternoon Session | Michele Kambolis breaks down the teachings of cognitive behavioural science. Discover how to help children tune-in to their brilliant minds, externalize negative thoughts, and understand faulty thinking patterns.  Michele will teach you how to systematically create a different experience for yourself, and the children in your life, with the power of gratitude, connection and a commitment to wiring neurobiology for joy.
  • Grounding Your Intent | Here you’ll align your learning with an action plan for integrating your new practice into your life – both personally and professionally.  Learn to set up your practice and partner with other Chi Kids Master Teachers.
  • Nourish | Expect an inspired menu of hot and cold drinks, and organic snacks throughout the day.


  • Early Morning | Learn to teach an expanded practice of mindfulness.
  • Post-mindfulness | Michele Kambolis leads you through a Chi Kids class supporting you to embody the tools with a felt sense of the pace, timing and technology of the curriculum.
  • Morning Session | You’ll lead your own Chi Kids class with a volunteer Chi Kid.  Michele Kambolis and other alumni will support your growth and guide you in this session.
  • Community Hour | More time to play, nourish, share your gifts, and commune with your new cohort of change-makers.
  • Afternoon Session | Michele Kambolis teaches you advanced tools: biofeedback, autogenic training, fear fighting, and more neuroscience-based technologies.  Michele will also guide you in cultivating a thriving Chi Kids practice: You’ll learn ways to set up your space, reach out to your community, develop authentic partnerships, practice ethically, expand your message with media, offer retreats, and events for empowerment.
  • Grounding Your Intent | Here you’ll integrate your intentions and dreams with actionable steps, all supported by the Chi School Team.
  • Nourish | Expect an inspired menu of hot and cold drinks, and organic snacks throughout the day.

Chi School Teacher Training is an awe-inspiring day with an expansiveness that can only be created through a shared connection with other powerful thought leaders.





Michele is an expert Child and Family Therapist and MA/PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. Her book, Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, has been endorsed by leading practitioners worldwide. Michele’s mission is to empower you with tools to reach your highest potential so that you may use your gifts to heal and inspire.   

Michele has been featured on Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live, FOX 5 News, Canada AM, Sirius Satellite Radio, Global News, CTV and many more programs. 

She has inspired thousands of parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs with the Chi School message of conscious leadership; skillfully combining her knowledge of parenting, positive psychology, and neuroscience to help others discover deep joy.


Join us for our level I session on April 27, and level II training session on April 29th, 2019 at Werklab, in Vancouver, BC.