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What if our world was a wider, gentler, and more balanced place, where we value a healthy mind as we value our healthy bodies? Chi School teachers and parents are helping children prioritize mindfulness and self-awareness and seeing exponential growth in their confidence and joy. Join us in embracing the practice of self understanding in our growing minds!

Chi School was founded by child and family therapist, acclaimed author, and parenting expert, Michele Kambolis.  An MA/PhD in mind-body medicine, Michele combines her knowledge and passion for integrative healing to create a joyful class experience.  

Chi Kids has been featured on Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live, Fox5 News, Canada AM, Global BC, Sirius XM and more.

In this 60-75 minute Chi Kids experience, kids discover how to focus, use the technology of their breath, and create strong, flexible bodies and minds.  The play-based teaching will give your child the tools to clear away stress, turn distraction into calm, and strengthen their optimistic mind.  

  • CHI Kids has been a very positive experience for my daughter – now she is asking if she can do the class again.  She loved coming! I especially appreciated the weekly emails, so we could review the ideas and “culprits” with her. They have given us a great context in which to disarm her negative thought patterns.

    Darla K.
  • I was thrilled to see how my daughter used her CHI Kids skills, such as the Thought Busters, outside of class. She even taught them to her younger brother and cousins! I liked how the parent letters at the end of every class helped me to understand what my daughter was learning so we could implement the techniques at home – they are even helpful for mom to use from time to time!

    Lisa R.

Chi Kids Teachers guide children through:

  • mindful meditation for holistic balance
  • imagination activities for empowerment
  • play-based yoga for strength
  • brain science games for clarity
  • drama and re-enactment for self-confidence
  • optimism stories for inspiration
  • gratitude practise for happiness

and many other science-based tools for an empowered, resilient life.  

Chi Kids classes are joy-filled, setting your child’s neural pathways to heighten well-being.